Turn Your Property Into A Mini-Nordic Spa!

Over the past few years, researched has proved that you can lower your stress levels, reduce cholesterol, lose weight and so much more, by simply adding hydrotherapy to your routine!

What's hydrotherapy?

It is a relaxing combination of a dry sauna, hot tub and the subtle reset of a quick cold plunge.


The Mini-Nordic Spa Company

Don't just add a hot tub to your property, add a stress-relieving complete nordic spa experience!  Let the Mini-Nordic Spa company install their one-of-a-kind complete system for you.

Each Mini-Nordic Spa comes complete with a super jet 6 person hot-tub, a cold plunge, an 8 person dry sauna, 400 square feet of cedar decking and all the finishing, exactly like you see in these pictures.

Your Mini-Nordic Spa comes completely installed with all finishings picture, plus all mechanical, lighting and plumbing.   Installation is completed by our highly training master spa installers.

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